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About Kyla


I'm Kyla. My passion is FAMILY and there are so many reasons to celebrate it!

Engagements, weddings, pregnancies, births, babies, 1st birthdays, toddler years, childhood achievements, sporting events, family portraits, graduations, anniversaries, and family reunions. So much to cherish. I love serving the world by capturing these moments. 

Love and laughter fill everyday experiences, both the ordinary and the extraordinary, and it is a great honour to be asked to photograph such special times. Offering families a truly beautiful keepsake of their loved ones in these moments always brings a smile to my face... and theirs! I love variety in my work and I feel thankful when I’m asked to use my photography in different creative ways. I welcome professional head shots, commercial photography, corporate events and more!

My life: My faith, my family and my friends are so important to me. Loving Jesus and being the best wife and mom I can be mean more to me than anything else in the world.  My family is the source of my smiles and I love them more than words can express. They are my treasures. I am a mother of three beautiful and amazing children, a (young!) grandmother of five, and I am so very blessed to have a wonderful husband who encourages and challenges me in my personal growth. I love reading, music, singing, walking my bulldog, using my spin bike and of course capturing life with my camera Most days you can find me snuggled into my reading chair after the morning rush of school lunches, dog walking and hopefully a good workout! Afternoons and evenings are my working hours when I shoot, edit and am most connected with my clients and the creative world. 

Please connect with me and share the moments you celebrate with your family! I’d absolutely love to capture them for you!